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JP-S61154559-A: Electric sauna bath patent, JP-S61157240-A: Forming device for picture patent, JP-S61159458-A: Solid transparent polymer organic host material containing photochromic amount of photochromic compound patent, JP-S61159495-A: Liquid cleanser composition patent, JP-S61159744-A: Wire bonding device patent, JP-S61159932-A: Air turbine brush patent, JP-S61160030-A: Temperature sensor patent, JP-S61161697-A: Discharge lamp lighting apparatus patent, JP-S61162166-A: Preparation of easily producible flavored sparkling alcoholic drink patent, JP-S61164567-A: Radiation treatment apparatus patent, JP-S61164786-A: Rotary direct-acting mechanism of industrial robot patent, JP-S61166215-A: Schmitt amplifier circuit patent, JP-S61166608-A: Position detecting method of unmanned truck patent, JP-S61166622-A: Measuring sensor for digitizer panel patent, JP-S61168137-A: Pickup unit for information reading patent, JP-S61169170-A: Arc spot welding device patent, JP-S6116972-A: Composition for forming coated films patent, JP-S6116988-A: Production of concentrated coal-water slurry patent, JP-S6117148-A: Photosensitive resin plate patent, JP-S61171923-A: Plunging type double pod joint patent, JP-S61172726-A: Manufacture of paper box through cylinder molding patent, JP-S61172744-A: Impact dot head patent, JP-S61173056-A: Human power heat generator patent, JP-S61173090-A: Heat exchanger patent, JP-S61173159-A: Method of starting luminous radiation of phthalhydratin patent, JP-S61173271-A: Developing device patent, JP-S61173543-A: Transfer device for alarm information patent, JP-S61174515-A: Liquid-crystal display element patent, JP-S61175112-A: Suspension control unit for rear wheels patent, JP-S61176036-A: Fluorescent character display tube patent, JP-S61176489-A: Strip connection device patent, JP-S61177448-A: Photosensitive resin composition patent, JP-S61177496-A: Voice synthesization module patent, JP-S61177748-A: Electronic component patent, JP-S61178291-A: Ship propulsion device by water-surface lower-section mounting system paddle type wheel patent, JP-S61178768-A: Tape loading device patent, JP-S61178987-A: Penem derivative patent, JP-S61179766-A: Image recorder patent, JP-S61180936-A: Optical pickup patent, JP-S61181670-A: Electronic typewriter patent, JP-S61181868-A: Aminoalkylenesulfonyl triphene dioxazine dye patent, JP-S61183110-A: Production of carbonaceous sphere patent, JP-S61183976-A: Photoelectric conversion element patent, JP-S61184784-A: Semiconductor memory patent, JP-S61185034-A: Molded underwater motor patent, JP-S61185757-A: High voltage power source for copying machine patent, JP-S61185856-A: Discharge lamp having a plurality of orifices patent, JP-S61185901-A: Formation of chip type resistance module patent, JP-S61186284-A: Apparatus for molecular beam epitaxy patent, JP-S6118663-A: Core metal of rubber roller for business equipment patent, JP-S61187162-A: Automatic feeding and selecting device of cartridge patent, JP-S61187440-A: Remote repeater patent, JP-S61189370-A: Gate valve patent, JP-S61189824-A: Mechanical device for bending reinforcing bar patent, JP-S61190737-A: Information recording medium patent, JP-S61190996-A: Plasma smear remover patent, JP-S61191884-A: Heat exchanger patent, JP-S61193875-A: Printer patent, JP-S61194314-A: Display device patent, JP-S6119434-A: Trank holding mechanism in pruning machine patent, JP-S61195112-A: Epoxy resin patent, JP-S61195378-A: Video display method patent, JP-S61195439-A: Remote file access system patent, JP-S61195606-A: Load detector patent, JP-S61196218-A: Large diameter lens for convergency patent, JP-S6119722-A: Metallurgical posttreatment device and method for metal molten in advance patent, JP-S61197402-A: Apparatus for reforming fuel for fuel cell patent, JP-S61198180-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S6119823-A: Improved method and apparatus of system using free or partially free fiber patent, JP-S61198296-A: Electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S61198379-A: Format information loading device for optical character reader patent, JP-S61198533-A: High-frequency heater for cathode-ray tube patent, JP-S61198860-A: Drive control system for image scanner patent, JP-S61198906-A: High frequency amplifier patent, JP-S61199734-A: Plant moving culture apparatus patent, JP-S61200418-A: Touch signal detector patent, JP-S61201148-A: Structure for supporting heating element patent, JP-S61201654-A: Molten metal discharging nozzle patent, JP-S61202923-A: Device for preventing mislaying filler cap patent, JP-S61203468-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S61203607-A: Fixing device for flyback transformer patent, JP-S61204453-A: Panel patent, JP-S61204940-A: Pattern reversing method patent, JP-S6120657-A: Die for high-pressure casting patent, JP-S61207085-A: Optical semiconductor device patent, JP-S61207508-A: Procduction of alloy for sealing soft glass patent, JP-S61207824-A: Supercharge type 4-cycle engine patent, JP-S61208677-A: Method of error detection and correction patent, JP-S61210083-A: Heterocyclic compound patent, JP-S61210271-A: Ignition timing controlling method for internal-combustion engine patent, JP-S61211062-A: Color sine recorder patent, JP-S61211133-A: Vibrationproof fixture patent, JP-S61211268-A: Plate loading device patent, JP-S61212393-A: Method for controlling oxidation ditch patent, JP-S61212914-A: Reception system patent, JP-S61213427-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-S61213542-A: Controlling device for ventilating fan in lavatory patent, JP-S61215908-A: Piping inspecting instrument patent, JP-S61215929-A: Piezoelectric vibrator patent, JP-S61216622-A: Horticulture house patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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